About us

GEEK MONKEYS Distribution Company is privately owned and specializing in sourcing innovative products, marketing and distributing them to domestic and neighbouring markets (Russia & CIS countries). The aim of our company is to seek unprecedented successes with our partners who are comprised of unique and great companies around the globe! Our distribution business has been operational since 2013.

Logistics is one of our primary strengths. We are accustomed to handling all transport, customs, etc.  We customarily receive our precious cargo from the manufacturer directly so as to allow you the freedom to do what you do best, rather than to concern your-selves with booking, shipping, taxes, customs, etc. (all in multiple languages) - something that we do rather well.

Our current exclusive portfolio is comprised of more than twenty brands on exclusivty basis and consists of more than 250 SKUs. We are very selective about the brands and type of products that we represent and distribute. We believe that with our specialized network in place, it is better to be successful with a basketful of really unique products, both to us and to our consumers, so that we can give each product the attention it deserves.

We are strong in our markets both online and in brick and mortar retail. We distribute through the largest retail chains as well as numerous successful online stores.

By working with us you will have the benefit of years of experience in the markets we represent, as well as the proper assistance you will need when you make the leap to localize the products. We will not only offer you guidance in support in the realm of marketing to our consumers, but also make available to you immediately a broad presentation of your product through numerous retail channels:

  • We have over 100 retail partners across Russia and CIS (Including online and offline)
  • Our offline partners have 700+ retail stores
  • We have our own Distribution Center and Warehouses
  • We operate in Russia and all CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine)

Some of the brands we are currently and successfully representing in Russia & CIS:

Our contacts

Phone: +7 (495) 748-92-51

Email: sales@geekmonkeys.ru